Ron, one of our first clients, remained patient in the middle of our relocation to Georgia, and transition to the MacOS operating system. We printed Ron's recent pieces on Aurora Expressions poly cotton canvas, and created two 20x24 inch canvas wraps. Enough about us, now let's introduce you to Ron. 

Ron is a creative entrepreneur based in Atlanta. He communicates best through painting, digital illustrating, comic book writing, and video game development. In his work, you'll see a mixture of afro-futurism and pop expressionism in his pieces. Ron enjoys his day job as a game tester for Tripwire Interactive. He is also passionate about his own business, The Indie Cluster, where he provides resources to dozens of small studios building their games. When not working, he spends his free time creating new art and cooking with his beautiful wife-to-be.

Check back as we'll update this post with information on events featuring Ron's artistic work. 



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